Javelin21 delivers mobile Apps and Ads to the masses

The cost of mobile application development ranges from $10K to $100K per platform which prices out just about everyone from a mobile presence.

And mobile users struggle with security risks and large multi megabyte downloads.

But imagine if there were a technology that enabled Individuals, Organizations and Corporations to easily create secure native mobile Apps and Ads without programming by entering what they know in cloud templates.

No programming, no updates and no security risks: secure mobile Apps generated by streamed instructions from the cloud.

You don't have to imaging it; Javelin21 has created it and holds two patents on the technology that generates native Apps and Ads on all mobile devices, empowering millions to have a mobile presence and provides a solution to corporate mobile.

Patent No. US 8,271,884 B1 Mobile Animated Advertising, 2012.

Patent No. US 8,307,288 B1 Mobile Appstreamed 2012.

Patent Pending 13/590,231.

Javelin21 is quietly working to bring this technology to market - Want to help? Send us an email at info@javelin21.com.

Check back in a while - Make it Your Mobile!

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